Staf Dosen SITH-ITB


Dr. Elham Sumarga

Assistant Professor

School of Life Sciences & Technology   
Institut Teknologi Bandung   
Jl. Ganesa No. 10 Bandung,   Indonesia 40132   

Doctorate Wageningen University, The Netherlands 2015
Master Twente University, The Netherlands 2011
Master Institute for Geo-information Science and Earth Observation (ITC), The Netherlands 2007
Master Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia 2000
Bachelor Institut Pertanian Bogor, Indonesia/td> 1995
Forest ecology, biodiversity conservation, ecosystem services, species distribution modelling, remote sensing and GIS for ecology.
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2 Suwarno, A., Hein, L., Sumarga, E. 2015. Who Benefits from Ecosystem Services? A Case Study for Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. Environmental Management Springer, New York 56 (4):1-14.
3 Sumarga, E., Hein, L., Edens, B., Suwarno, A. 2015. Mapping monetary values of ecosystem services in support of developing ecosystem accounts. Ecosystem Services 12: 71-83.
4 Suwarno, A., Hein, L., Sumarga. E. 2015. Governance, Decentralization and Deforestation: The Case of Central Kalimantan Province, Indonesia. Quarterly Journal of International Agriculture 54 (1): 77-100.
5 Schröter, M., Remme, R.P., Sumarga, E., Barton, D.N., Hein, L. Lessons learned for spatial modelling of ecosystem services in support of ecosystem accounting. Ecosystem Services (article in press).
6 Sumarga, E., Hein, L. 2014. Mapping ecosystem services for land use planning, the case of Central Kalimantan. Environmental Management 54 (1): 84-97.
1 Elham Sumarga. Modelling oil palm expansion and its impact on ecosystem services, the case of Central Kalimantan Indonesia. 2014 Asia Global Land Project Conference, Taipei, 24-26 September 2014 (Oral presentation).
2 Elham Sumarga. Land use change and ecosystem services dynamics in Central Kalimantan Indonesia. Student Conference on Conservation Sciences, New York 8-11 Oktober 2013 (Oral presentation).
3 Elham Sumarga. Mapping multiple ecosystem services: an approach for analyzing deforestation impacts. Indonesian Scholars International Convention, London 9-11 November 2012 (Oral presentation).
4 Elham Sumarga, Matthias Schröter, Roy Remme, Lars Hein. Ecospace: Spatial modeling and valuation of ecosystem services. The 4 th Ecosystem Service Partnership (ESP) Conference: Ecosystem Services, integrating science and policy, 4-11 October 2011, Wageningen, The Netherlands (Poster presentation).
5 Elham Sumarga. Spatial models of ecosystem service dynamics. A Long-Term Biodiversity, Ecosystem and Awareness Research Network (ALTER-Net) summer school on biodiversity and ecosystem services: An interdisciplinary perspective, 7 – 16 September 2011, Peyresq, Alpes de Haute-Provence, France (Poster presentation).