In the 21st century, professionals in life sciences will play important roles in the development of bioscience, biotechnology and natural resources management. In fact, biotechnology has been projected to be one of the most important applied sciences. The School of Life Sciences and Technology (SITH) ITB, founded in January 2006 (Rector of ITB Decree No 222/SK/K01/OT/2005 about the Academic Management Unit (Pengelolaan Satuan Akademik) in ITB), manages ten study programs at the undergraduate (S1) and graduate (S2&S3) levels which offer multidisciplinary education to produce graduates in life sciences and technology that will be ready to meet the challenges of this highly competitive era.

SITH graduates will have the knowledge and skills required to compete in the job market, and a broad opportunity to establish careers in many areas of interest at the government and private/industry sectors, or in entrepreneurship. The SITH academic staff (95% with PhD qualification), supported by the modern facilities, are all active in research and community services.

Research projects funded by competitive national and international grants reflect the research agenda of the eight research groups within SITH, i.e.: (1) Agrotechnology and Bioproduct Technology/Engineering;  (2) Animal Physiology and Developmental Biology and Biomedical Sciences;  (3)  Biological Resources Management;  (4) Ecology;  (5) Forestry Technology;  (6) Genetics and Molecular Biotechnology;  (7) Microbial Biotechnology;  (8) Plant Sciences and Biotechnology