A study on fracture toughness of nano‑structured carbon black‑flled epoxy composites

Nanoparticle additives such as carbon black (CB) have been widely used to improve the strength and toughness of epoxy adhesive-based composites. However, the composite hardness can increase, depending on the CB structure. A study on the structure and specific surface area of CB is crucially important. In this study, Dr. Rudi Dungani and colleagues reported that decrease in fracture toughness, mainly due to cracked bridging of CB nanograins formed onto the epoxy matrix. The size of the cleavage plane decreased after the infusion of the nano-structured CB (CBNFs). It implied that the path of the crack tip was distorted because of the CBNFs, making crack propagation more difficult.

Article Citation:

Dungani, I. Sumardi, E. M. Alamsyah, P. Aditiawati, T. Karliati, J. Malik and Sulistyono. A study on fracture toughness of nano‑structured carbon black‑flled epoxy composites. Polym.Bul. (2020).

Full paper is published in Polymer Bulletin : https://doi.org/10.1007/s00289-020-03444-5

Image (first page):

Bamboo (BM); bagasse (BG), oil palm shell (OPS) and carbon black (CB) (Source: Documentation from Rudi Dungani)

Sample image: nano‑structured carbon black‑filled epoxy composites (Source: Dungani et al. 2020)

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