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Kelompok Keilmuan

1. Agroteknologi & Teknologi Bioproduk

Ketua : Prof. Dr. Agus Dana Permana

Research Topics

Integrated Biorefenery Concepts (Sugar Platform, Biogas Platform, Carbon Rich-Chain Platform, Thermochemical Platform, and Plant Products Platform)

  • Increase the value of agricultural products
  • Reducing the dependence on the processing of agricultural products


2. Bioteknologi Mikroba

Ketua : Prof. Dr. Dea Indriani Astuti, S.Si.

Research Topics

  • Short-term (2012-2014)
    Exploration and characterization of microbes that have potentials to be developed in the field of food and energy
  • Medium-term (2015-2020)
    Product development and bioprocess
  • Long-term (2020-2025)
    Applications in bioindustry and prototype and protocol development that can be used in industrial and environmental


3. Ekologi

Ketua : Prof. Tati Suryati Syamsudin

Research Topics

  • Ecological services: quantification and prediction
  • Evaluation of ecosystem responses to global anthropogenic changes
  • Biodiversity changes and dynamics
  • Coupled human and natural systems dynamics
  • Land use and habitat loss
  • Adaptive potential of ecosystems
  • Water loss and degradation
  • Carbon dynamics
  • Invasive species
  • Complex retroactions between ecosystems compartements
  • Biogeochemical imbalance


4. Fisiologi, Perkembangan Hewan & Sains Biomedika

Ketua : Prof. Tjandra Anggraeni, Ph.D.

Research Objects

Human and Animal’s Molecule; Cell; Tissue; Organ; Organ system; Organism

Research Subjects

Sciences and applications of: Physiology, Biology Development, Biomedical principles


5. Genetika & Bioteknologi Molekuler

Ketua : Prof. Dr. Fenny Martha Dwivany

Research Topics

  • Genetic /molecular diversity of tropical resources for biocorrosion, biomining, bioremediation
  • Quality improvement of tropical fruit durian (durian superior) with molecular breeding
  • Post-genomics research : RNA level (transcriptomics), proteins (proteomics) and metabolites generated (metabolomics)
  • Genetic manipulation/engineering
  • Metabolic engineering
  • Synthetic biology (e.g: carbohydrase and sucrose isomerase)
  • Study of banana ripening
  • Disease at the molecular level : vaccines (molecular pharming)


6. Manajemen Sumber Daya Hayati

Ketua : Prof. Intan Ahmad, Ph.D

Research Topics

  • Application of management principles in biodiversity.
  • The use of variety of biological principles (reproduction, heredity, grow, develop, interaction, adaptation) in biodiversity management practices.
  • Efficiency model/process efficiency and optimization of sustainable use of biological resources at the level of genes, species (humans), and ecosystem.


7. Sains & Bioteknologi Tumbuhan

Ketua : Prof. Sri Nanan B. Widiyanto, Ph.D.

Research Topics

Developing (new) materials & plant products; adapting plants to environmental stresses; engineering plant cultivation; improving plant growth, quality & reproduction.

  • Initial stage (2012-2013) : in vitro plant propagation of Vetiveria zizanioides and evaluation of oil synthesis on root (in vitro plantlet).
  • Developmental stage to increase the oil production (2013-2014) : cell culture & hairy root culture transformed by A. rhizogenes.
  • Final stage (2015- …) : Optimization for scale up production of vetiver oil.


8. Teknologi Kehutanan

Ketua : Prof. Endah Sulistyawati, S.Si., Ph.D.

Research Topics

Forest Characterization :

  • Extent, quality & changes
  • Floristic diversity
  • Growing environment of trees
  • Carbon stock & cycle

Silviculture Technology :

  • Improvement of genetic materials of commercial species
  • Development of intensive silviculture
  • Development of low-cost silviculture

Technology for processing forest produtcs :

  • Improvement of quality and durability of wood
  • Modification of timber and non-timber forest products
  • Diversification of raw material and forest products