Guest Lecture : Microbiology Study Program, SITH ITB (Dr. Umaporn Uawisetwathana and Dr. Jomar Rabajante)

Microbiology Study Program, SITH ITB, held a guest lecture on Tuesday, 21 November 2017,  9-11 AM at Room 9311 ITB. One of the invited guest lecturers was Dr. Umaporn Uawisetwathana, who is a researcher from BIOTEC Thailamd, specializing in metabolomics in agriculture, with the talk titles “Metabolomics Technology and Its Application for Agricultural Researches”.

Other guest lecturer was Dr. Jomar Rabajante,

who is lecturer from Institute Mathematical Sciences and Physics, University of Philippines Los Banos (UPLB), specializing in applied mathematics, with the talk title of “Mathematical Systems Approach to Predictive Ecology”

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