The International Seminar on Tropical Bio-resources for Sustainable Bio-industry 2013

First Announcement

The world is now shifting from fossil-based economy to bio-based economy. Bio-based resources has demonstrated that many bio-industry product could be improved and produced more effectively through R&D approach using both conventional and modern biotechnology. In the last two decades, researches in this area had increased exponentially and provide new information readily applicable for technology development in various bio-industry products. As primary products demand becomes increasingly complex, the most recent research application using bio-resources offering promising solution. Therefore, School of Life Science and Technology (SITH) – ITB organizes the International Seminar on Tropical Bio-resources for Sustainable Bio-Industry (ISTB 2013).

International Seminar on Tropical Bio-resources for Sustainable Bio-Industry 2013 will discuss the latest issues on basic research, applied research and utilization of bio-resources in bio-industry. The seminar will bring together leading researchers, practitioners, as well as from industries.

Objective of this seminar are:

  1. To promote and develop collaborative research on basic research, applied research and utilization of bio-resources in bio-industry among academicians, researchers, students, practitioners and industries.
  2. To disseminate research progress in each field/common issue.
  3. To share recent research trend, experiences and research work among academicians, industry, and community.
  4. To obtain the most updated technology and research in each field/common issue.

Topics of interest for submission include basic research, application and management, and production of the following industry:

  1. Health: Any bio-resources to support health industry
  2. Food: Any bio-resources to support food industry (natural or GMO)
  3. Feed: Any bio-resources to support feed industry
  4. Fuel: Any bio-resources and bio-process to support biofuel industry
  5. Fertilizer: Any bio-resources to support fertilizer industry
  6. Fiber: Any bio-resources to support fiber industry (natural fiber)

Important Dates:
Seminar date: 30-31 October 2013
Registration deadline for oral and poster presenter for accepted paper: 31 July 2013
Registration for general participants is open during seminar.
Full paper submission deadline: 31 June 2013


Aula Barat, Aula Timur and Campus Center, Institut Teknologi Bandung


  1. Prof. James Dale (Queensland University of Technology, Australia)
  2. Prof. Eiichiro Fukusaki (Osaka University, Japan)
  3. Prof. Oliver Kayser (University of Groningen, the Netherlands)
  4. Dr. Dean Akiyama (PT. Charoen Pokphand, Indonesia)
  5. Prof. Takeshi Ohama (Kochi University, Japan) to be confirmed
  6. Prof. Abdul Khalil Shawkataly (Universiti Sains Malaysia – Malaysia), to be confirmed
  7. Prof. Patrick Sorgeloos (Ghent University, Belgium), to be confirmed


  1. Prof. Abdul Latif Ibrahim (Selangor University – Malaysia), confirmed
  2. Prof. Shigehiko Suzuki (Shizuoka University – Japan), confirmed
  3. Dr. Ines Atmosukarto (Lipotek Pty Ltd. – Australia), confirmed
  4. Dr. Harjeet Khanna (Queensland University of Technology – Australia), confirmed
  5. Prof. Peter Bossier (Gent University – Belgium),to be confirmed
  6. Dr. Herry Utomo (Louisiana State University – USA),to be confirmed
  7. Dr. Tjandra Anggraeni (Institut Teknologi Bandung – Indonesia), confirmed
  8. Dr. Rizkita R. Esyanti (Institut Teknologi Bandung – Indonesia), confirmed
  9. Dr. Anggraini Barlian (Institut Teknologi Bandung – Indonesia), confirmed


Chairperson : Dr. Fenny Martha Dwivany


Dr. Rina Ratnasih
Dr. Sony Heru Sumarsono
Dr. Sri Harjati Suhardi
Dr. Ramadhani Eka Putra
Dr. Ayda T. Yusuf
Dr. Yayat Hidayat
Ihak Sumardi, Ph.D.
Dr. Trimurti Hesti Wardini
Dr. Indra Wibowo
Dr. Entin Hendartin
Basuki Satyagraha, MP.
Dadang Sumardi, MP.
Ichsan Suwandhi, M.Si.
Noor Rahmawati, M.Si.
Rijanti Rahayu Maulani, M.Si.
Ujang Dinar Husyari, MP.
Novi Tri Astutiningsih M.Sc



The registration fee includes welcome reception, seminar sessions, abstract & progamme book, CD-ROM and refreshment. One registration is required for each paper submitted. Accepted full paper will be published in Journal of Mathematical and Fundamental Sciences (Indexed by SCOPUS).


Student USD 100
Regular USD 200

Student IDR 400.000
Regular IDR 750.000

The participants who have any queries please feel free to contact:
Dr. Sri Harjati Suhardi and Dr. Ramadhani Eka Putra
International Seminar on Tropical Bio-resources for Sustainable Bio-Industry 2013 Secretariat
School of Life Sciences and Technology
Institut Teknologi Bandung
Address: Gedung Labtek XI Kampus ITB, Jl. Ganesha 10, Bandung 40132
Phone : +62-22-2511575
Fax : +62-22-2534107
Email :
Website :

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