Sustainability Analysis of Dairy-Horticulture Integrated Farming System

Integrated farming system offers better opportunities to be implemented in smallholder agriculture because it ensures productivity and profitability for sustainable livelihoods. However, the evaluation of this practice has not been clearly identified. Dr. Mia Rosmiati and colleagues evaluated the ecological, economic, social, institutional, and technological aspects of sustainability on existing dairy-horticulture farming systems at local farm in Suntenjaya village, Lembang, West Java Province, Indonesia. Study result shows that dairy-horticulture integrated farming system were classified as less sustainable in ecological, economic, social, and technological dimension, putting forward an urgency to improve all of these attributes to achieve sustainable agriculture.

Article Citation:
Rosmiati, M., Putra, RE., Lastini, T., Hernawan, E., Pujo, Rahmayunita, I., Maulana, FR., Liesdiana, F., Nurdiansyah, MA., and Azis, A. 2020. Sustainability Analysis of Dairy-Horticulture Integrated Farming System. J. Agric. Sci., 15(2): 290-298.

Full paper is published in J. Agric. Sci.:

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Levarage analysis and Kite diagram of sustainability index (Source: Rosmiati et al., 2020)

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