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Beasiswa S2/S3 ke Kookmin Univ, Korea

Kesempatan untuk apply S2 dan S3 pada program di Kookmin University melalui Korean Government Scholarship Program untuk bidang-bidang dari para profesor yang disebutkan pada pesan dibawah ini.

Kookmin University is currently receiving applications for 2015 Korean Government Scholarship Program. You can find the detail information of the program in an attached file (KMU 2015 KGSP Guideline.pdf). If students were selected in this program, the scholarship will cover most financial need for a master degree or a doctoral degree. One round-trip flight ticket, all tuition (including Korean language program), stipend will be provided, with extra support such as dissertation publication. However, please make students understand that this program is competitive, and application alone does not guarantee to join the program.

Could you introduce this program to your students? Student who are interested at this program can contact each professor directly. Please advise them to submit their C.V. and a letter explaining their academic interest to the corresponding professor. Each professor will select one student and proceed with the application process closely. The due date to contact each professor is March 6 (Friday).

Three professors will join this program at this time.

1. Professor Tae-Jong Kim

Department of Forest Products and Biotechnology, Kookmin University
Research: Microbiology (enzyme, biofilm, and virulence factors)
E-mail: bigbell@kookmin.ac.kr

2. Professor Dongwook Ko

Department of Forestry, Environment, and Systems, Kookmin University
Research area: GIS, Spatial ecology and ecological modeling
E-mail: dwko@kookmin.ac.kr

3. Professor Birm-June Kim

Department of Forest Products and Biotechnology, Kookmin University
Research area: Wood plastic composite, Bio-nano composite, and Application of nano cellulose
E-mail: bjkim3@kookmin.ac.kr