School Open House

The School of Life Sciences and Technology welcomes visits from secondary school students e.g. from SMA, SMK and MA.  From this school open house, the students and their secondary schools could obtain a rounded picture about SITH ITB.


Types of information provided

Every student/school would obtain general information about ITB, information related to SITH-ITB, information on laboratory facilities and information on the Bachelor Study Programs in SITH-ITB, those are:

  1. Biology
  2. Microbiology
  3. Bioengineering
  4. Agriculture Engineering
  5. Forestry Engineering
  6. Post Harvest Technology

Besides the above information, student would have a question and answer session with the pblic relations team, direct interactions with SITH students, a tour of the laboratories and other interesting information to satisfy their curiosity so far.


Activities during the Open House

Every student/school will get the above information which will be given by the Public Relations Team from SITH, followed by a question and answer session.  This will be followed by a visit to the laboraatories to see with their own eyes a few research results, laboratory facilities, specimen collections from the Herbarium and Zoology Museun* and the practical labs of the undergraduate students**.

*   Jatinangor SITH Campus

** When there is one going on

Open house procedure

  1. Send a request letter to:


School of Life Sciences and Technology ITB

Jl. Ganesha No. 10, Bandung

Scan the letter and send it via email to:

Note: If you only want to obtain information from one of the Study Programs/Laboratories in SITH-ITB, please mention in your letter which Study Program/laboratory you are interrested in.

  1. The school sends an official letter signed by the Principal with the following format:
    • the purpose of the visit
    • day, date
    • time
    • number of paricipants jumlah
    • contact number of the school (we should be able to contact the school, do not provide the number of a tour/travel bureau)
  2. The maximal number of participants for the visit to SITH is 40 people.
  3. The visit can be scheduled every Monday to Friday during working hours or if the chosen time had already been booked for a visit from another school, it would be rescheduled.
  4. The school will receive a response letter from SITH-ITB.

NB : The visit will be free of charge.  After sending the e-mail, please confirm by phoning 022 2511575.